*If an assigned reading is hyperlinked, that means it is NOT anthologized in Everyone’s An Author and must be accessed online.
**Previous weeks have been moved to the bottom of this calendar.

 Week 16: Dead Week

12/6 Lab: Studio time to work on websites

12/7 Class: Prototype Testing Day
To prepare: Read “Feedback 301

12/9 Class: Insider’s Guide to Purdue
Due: Self-eval #2

Week 17: Exam Week

12/12 through 12/16: (No conferences, classes, lab)
Due: Website and Reflection Essay by 11:59p on 12/15


Week 1: Icebreaking, etc.

8/23 Lab: Introductions; Set up blogs

8/24 Class: Go over syllabus, policies, expectations, and major assignments

8/26 Class: Set semester goals; Discussion of DFW’s “This is Water” (if time); Writing Lab Tour
To prepare: Read David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water” & do a reading response
Due: Life Soundtrack 

Week 2: The Rhetorical Situation

8/30 Lab: Cont’d discussion of DFW’s “This is Water”; take survey about writing experiences & habits

8/31 Class: The Rhetorical Situation
To prepare: Read Everyone’s An Author p.1-23 & Keith Grant-Davie’s “Rhetorical Situations and their Constituents” & do a reading response

9/2 Class: Rhetorical Situation on Campus Assignment
Due: Vision Statement

 Week 3: The Writing Process (aka Getting Started)

9/6 Lab: Analyze Campus Rhetorical Situation & prepare presentation

9/7 Class: Group presentations on Campus Rhetorical Situations

9/9 Class: The Writing Process
To prepare: Read EAA p.24-35 paying particular attention to their idea of a “Writing Roadmap” & strategies for generating ideas & Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” & do a reading response

Week 4: All Things Research

9/13 Lab: Studio time to search for secondary sources
To prepare: Read EAA p.329-336 & Driscoll’s “An Introduction to Primary Research” & do a reading response

9/14 Class: Creating effective surveys

9/16 Class: Evaluating Sources, Googling Like a Boss, & Using Academic Databases
To prepare: Respond to one of the other group’s mock surveys, read EAA p. 362-371, check out this Infographic, take a gander at this website & do a reading response

Week 5: All Things Research, cont’d.

9/20 Lab: Studio time to work on Annotated Bibliographies or Surveys
To prepare: EAA p. 377-380

9/21 Class: Incorporating Research: Quotations, Paraphrases, Summaries, & Signal Phrases
To prepare: Read EAA’s p.381-400

9/23 Class: Idea Thievery or Incompetence? Issues with Plagiarism
To prepare: Read EAA p.401-406, Brian Martin’s “Plagiarism: A Misplaced Emphasis” & do a reading response
Due: Self-eval #1 and Filmed Interview

Week 6: Genres as Technologies

9/27 Lab: Studio time to work on Annotated Bibliographies

9/28 Class: Genres as Technologies
To prepare: Read Kerry Dirk’s “Navigating Genres” & do a reading response

9/30 Class: Reports as Genres
To prepare: Read EAA p.182-197, Sam Forman’s “The Future of Food Production” p.219-228, Michael Pollan’s “What’s Eating America” p.897-903 & do a reading response
Due: Annotated Bibliography

Week 8: Alternative Writing Styles

10/11 Lab: October Break!

10/12 Class: Description Bootcamp

10/14 Class: Ventriloquism: Throwing Your Voice
Due: Mapping the Problem Draft, Survey Report

Week 9: Old School Rhetoric

10/18 Lab: Workshop
To prepare: Read “Feedback 101” & your workshop team’s drafts

10/19 Class: Ancient Rhetrickery: Rhetorical Figures from Long Ago

10/21 Class: Avoiding Fallacies & the Art of Argumentation

Week 10: Remediation & Visual Rhetoric

10/25 Lab: Studio time to revise Mapping the Problem Essay
To prepare: Read Donald Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye” (can be read during class)

10/26 Class: Remediation
To prepare: Read pgs. 1-14 and scan the rest of the first chapter of “We Have Some Planes” from the 9/11 Commission Report, read “We Have Some Planes” from the 9/11 Commission Report Graphic Adaptation & do a reading response

10/28 Class:  Intro to Vizrhet, Part 1: CRAP; Group Vizrhet Analysis
To prepare: Read Luke Pearson’s “Some People” & do a reading response
Due: Mapping the Problem Essay

 Week 11: Vizrhet, cont’d

11/1 Lab: Piktochart Sandbox

11/2 Class: Intro to Vizrhet, Part 2: HATS; Resume Workshop
Prepare: If you have a draft of a resume, feel free to bring it with; otherwise, I’ll supply you with a crappy one for critique

11/4 Class: A Look @ Infographics, their Best Practices, & Collaborative Rubric-Making

Week 12: Writing in New Media

11/8 Lab: Studio time to work on Infographics

11/9 Class: Twitterative Design
To prepare: Read Nielson’s “Twitter Postings: Iterative Design” & “Writing for Social Media” & do a reading response

11/11 Class: Workshop Infographics; Remix Culture & Fair Use Discussion
To prepare: Read “Feedback 201
Due: Infographic draft version

Week 13: Writing in New Media, cont’d

11/15 Lab: Studio time to finish Infographics or work on websites
Due: Infographic final version by 11:59p

11/16 Class: [In New Orleans] No class–self-learning module
Read chapters 4 “Interface Design”7 “Page Design”, & 9 “Editorial Style” from Lynch & Horton’s Web Style Guide  & do an extended reading response

11/18 Class: [In New Orleans] Purdue Webpages Intervention (In-class Activity)

Week 14: T-Gives Week

11/22 Lab: Studio time to work on Presentations / Websites

11/23 Class: Thanksgiving Break!

11/25 Class: Thanksgiving Break!

Week 15: Showcase Week

11/29 Lab: Action Campaign Presentations, Round 1

11/30 Class: Ditto, Round 2

12/2 Class: Ditto, Round 3
Due: Reflection draft


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