Concept Pile

Here are some terms, in no particular order, to jog your memory and provide fodder for your reflection essay draft:

“This Is Water,” rhetoric, rhetorical situation, the classical rhetorical triad, logos, ethos, pathos, kairos, threshold concept, heuristic, exigency, rhetor(s), multiple audience(s), constraints, affordances, writing process, brainstorming, inventing, collaborating, conferencing, workshop, feedback, revising vs. editing, “SFDs,” “Navigating Genre,” old and new definitions of genre, genre awareness, genre features, conventions, formatting, medium, primary research, interviews, surveys, loaded questions, sample sets, observations, inductive vs. deductive inquiry, secondary research, library research, annotated bibliographies, plagiarism, evaluating sources, citations, signal phrases, credibility, authority, writing style, plain or practical style, academic style, description, rhetorical figures, persuasion, argumentation, argumentative structure, premise, conclusion, inference, deduction, induction, fallacies, enthymemes, implicit or assumed values and premises, tone, stance, diction, user-focused design, usability, iterative design, remediation, remixing, redesign, plagiarism, copyright, fair use, visual rhetoric, infographics, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, headings, access, typography, space, resumes, social media, digital environments, websites, frontloading, orientation, scanning, navigation, hyperlinks….what else?


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