Web Interventions

In class today your team is going to synthesize your knowledge of vizrhet (i.e. CRAPHATS) and new media writing styles and usability  (i.e. from Nielsen, Lynch & Horton) to redesign some mediocre web pages. We need five teams to redesign the following Purdue pages:

    1. ITaP “Gold Answers” Support Page: http://bit.ly/1qJJmXd. (I made a bit.ly link because the real URL was ridiculous.) You must click on “home” and enter Purdue career credentials to see this home page.
    2. Confucius Institute: http://tell.cla.purdue.edu/confucius/
    3. PMU Green Initiative: http://www.union.purdue.edu/home/greeninitiative/Index.html
    4. PUSH’s Home Page: http://www.purdue.edu/push/
    5. Purdue Libraries: https://www.lib.purdue.edu/

1. Read the page and click around the site (follow its navigational links, see where they lead you) to get a better idea of the site’s overall vibe as well as its primary uses. Consider if any of the pages’ content should go elsewhere.

2. Focusing on the homepage, sketch out how you’d rewrite the text and redesign the page. I have large (11″ x 18″) paper on which you can sketch out your redesigns. If you have additional time, you can outline redesign recommendations for other pages on the site.

3. Conclude by making three lists:

  • What does the page do well (before you intervened)?
  • What needs the most work?
  • What further research should be conducted in order to better accomplish this redesign/rewrite project?

We’ll spend about 20 minutes redesigning/rewriting. If time permits, we’ll use the remainder of class for teams to briefly present their redesign sketch and giving their synopsis to questions (what the page does well, does poorly, and further research required) and make connections to the Lynch & Horton readings.

Team 1: Elizabeth, Jordan, Sanah, Rina

Team 2: Megan, Kelsey, Fitz

Team 3: Sri, Amanda, Kristen, Monica

Team 4: Matt, Brad, Daniel, Emily

Team 5: Liz, Nick, Katelyn, Natasha



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