Reading Response: Lynch & Horton’s Web Style Guide chapters 4, 7 & 9

Be careful with this reading as there are multiple pages to each chapter. You have to "turn to" each "page" by clicking on its link in the "Chapter Contents" box in the top-right corner. 

Between the three chapters, there are 18 pages total. You should peruse all of chapter 4 on "Interface Design," all of chapter 9 on "Editorial Style" and all of chapter 7 on "Page Design" except for the pages on Document Design, Page Frameworks, and Page Width and Line Lengths--those are super-interesting but a little too technical and beyond the scope of what we'll be doing in Project 3 with our WordPress sites.

Chapter 4, “Interface Design”

1) How is navigating a web site similar to finding your way around a real, physical, geographical place–like a city? How is it different?

2) Consequently, what are some best practices for aiding users in navigating through your web site? What are some no-no’s?

Chapter 7, “Page Design”

3) What, in a sentence or two of your own paraphrasing, is gestalt theory? How does it apply to visual rhetoric?

4) What are some best design practices that Lynch and Horton recommend for creating effective, trustworthy, user-friendly web pages?

Chapter 9, “Editorial Style”

5) What’s one reason many people find reading on a computer uncomfortable?

6) What is the inverted pyramid that journalists abide by?

7) In this chapter, Lynch and Horton discuss ways that writers can accommodate the habits of online readers. How do they practice what they preach?


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