Feedback 201

As you sample your peers’ infographics-in-the-making today, here are some questions to help you generate feedback:

  1. Time yourself. How long before you grasp the main point of your colleague’s infographic? Is their infographic readily interpretable? Does its main point “jump out” right away?
  2. Time yourself again. Is their enough information substantiating that main point that you could spend 2 minutes taking it all in? Although its main point should be obvious, does the infographic still contain enough information to engage a reader in a longer, more contemplative reading? Does it allow for a “closer look”? Does the information presented raise any questions that should also be addressed with additional information? What information is lacking that you would want to see included, whether that’s to provide some clarity, fill in some blanks, or offer larger context?
  3. Are visual elements like size, color, contrast, icons/symbols, headings, discrete sections, negative or white space, alignment, typography, repetition, and proximity used to positive effect? Does anything appear disruptive to or at odds with the overall purpose?
  4. How is their infographic organized? Does it use an overall structure that is fitting to the type of narrative it trying to tell? (Refer to this 12-Types-of-Infographic PDF for more info.) Does the infographic teach you how to read it? That is, does it provide a logical way to navigate its information?
  5.  Is their infographic visually appealing? Are the visual elements used appropriately? Do they contribute to an overall theme? Are contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity used to create meaning and show relationships between data?
  6. Is their any information on their infographic that could be presented visually but isn’t?
  7. Do you find the information presented on the infographic trustworthy? Why or why not? Is the infographic “data transparent,” that is, do you know where this information is coming from? How has your peer incorporated citations?



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