Twitterative Design

In class today you’re going to play the role of PR Specialist/Communications Strategist/Social Media Marketer.

Having read Jakob Nielson’s articles on “Twitter Postings: Iterative Design” and “Writing for Social Media,” apply your understanding of rhetorically effective tweets to iteratively design a promotional tweet for one of the following people/organizations represented in the news stories below:

  1. Find your own current event you’re interesting in marketing via Twitter.
  2. Put Your Phone to Work Doing Some Good
  3. Science Finds Drinking Alchohol and Energy Drinks Has Same Effect as Cocaine
  4. Daniels Announces International Engagement Campaign
  5. Trump’s White House Win to Reshape U.S. Political Landscape

Compose 5 iterations of your tweet (aka 5 “twitterations”). After each iteration, follow up with a brief paragraph explaining what’s good/bad about it and how/why you revised it. When finished, post all 5 tweets and their revision rationales on your blog.

Remember: “The shorter it is, the more important it is to design text for usability.”


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