Evaluating Infographics

In teams today you’ll look at some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the world of infographics.

Your challenge is to create the rough draft of a rubric that helps objectively sort the effective infographics from the flops.

Some questions to think through with your team members:

  • What are the primary goals of an infographic?
  • What genre features help an infographic accomplish those goals?
    • What makes an infographic user-friendly? What makes it frustrating?
  • And what relative weight do you give to those features?
  • (Also, what’s the difference between an infographic and a data visualization?)

Keywords: objects, icons, symbols, text, image, topic, type, organization, layout, hierarchy, color, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, research, info, source, citations, story/narrative, context

Team 1

  • Fitz, Elizabeth, Emily, Kristen

Team 2

  • Amanda, Daniel, Kelsey

Team 3

  • Monica, Matt, Jordan

Team 4

  • Nick, Natasha, Megan

Team 5

  • Liz, Sri, Katelyn

Team 6

  • Sanah, Brad, Rina

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