Sandbox Time!

In Lab today you have the opportunity to play around with Piktochart, the free online software we’ll be using to compose our Infographics. Use the time to familiarize yourself with Piktochart’s interface and the many design options it affords.

Some tasks you should know how to do by the hour’s end:

  1. Add a line, shape or icon to your canvas
  2. Add a stock image or upload and insert your own image to your canvas–including within a photoframe
  3. Customize the background color, pattern, or texture on your canvas
  4. Insert text in different sizes, fonts, and textframes
  5. Insert and customize a map of a region of the world
  6. Create various data visualizations by entering your own data or uploading a Google spreadsheet
  7. Adjust block size, clone a block, or add a new block to extend the length of your infographic
  8. Save your current work to return to later

Sometime during the hour, you should also peruse this PDF, which comes from Neomam, a popular branding/marketing consultation firm, and lists the 12 most common organizational structures for infographics. Ask yourself which organizational structures would be most appropriate for the content from your Mapping the Problem Essay.


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