Thursday Conferences, 10/26

For conferences Thursday we’ll focus on cohesion between paragraphs as a late-stage revision strategy before you hand in the final version of your Mapping the Problem Essay on Friday. To prepare, read this short news article about laboratory-grown meat entitled “Meat, Schmeat” that appeared recently on National Geographic’s web site.

Now you might notice a slight problem: All the paragraphs in that article are out of order. See if you can rearrange them into some sort of coherent order. Make the article flow.

Now, of course, you could just search for the article on the web and recreate the article’s original arrangement that way. But don’t. I’m more interested in your re-creating a rhetorically savvy and logical structure than just getting it right. Besides, you might come up with a better structure than the author. Please come ready to discuss how you sequenced the “Meat, Schmeat” paragraphs.

Groups & Times:

10:30a–Fitz, Monica, Daniel

10:45–Elizabeth, Rina, Amanda

11:00–Brad, Katelyn, Natasha, Matt



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