In-class Activities, 10/21: Fallacies & Argumentation

Monty Python & the World’s Worst Argument

Thou Shall Not Commit Logical Fallacies! Infographic

Thou Shall Denounce These Logical Fallacies! Worksheet

Hellaciously Fallacious Ads

Lexus: “Pursue the Moment”

Vernon Robinson: “The Twilight Zone”

Coca-Cola: “The Coke Side of Life”

Move “Bush = Hitler”

Fallacy Teams

Honey Badgers (1st column): Liz, Nick, Sri

Mantis Shrimps (2nd column): Kelsey, Daniel, Sanah

Angler Fish (3rd column): Elizabeth, Matt, Natasha

Corgis (4th column): Megan, Katelyn, Brad

The Long-lost Housecats (5th column): Amanda, Fitz, Jordan

Forty-toed Sloths (6th column): Emily, Monica, Rina



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