Thursday Conferences, 10/6

In conjunction with our focus on style this week and next, we’re going to do analyses of some highly stylized voices–that is, idiosyncratic uses of language that perhaps deviate far from the “plain” or “practical” or “academic” style we began looking at yesterday. Voices that are distinct and easily recognizable.

Which voices? Your preparation for conferences is to find them. Find one “voice” (spoken or written) that you’d like to first analyze and eventually mimic.

Have fun with your selection. You could choose a writer with an unmistakable style (like Geoffrey Chaucer or Dr. Seuss); a fictional character from a book, TV series, or film, (like Phoebe from Friends or Gollum from LTOR); or the actual transcripts/speech of an iconic public figure (like Louis C.K. or Kim Kardashian). The possibilities are vast. Whom- or whatever you choose, make sure to bring an example (or two or three) of that voice with tomorrow–about 250 to 500 words’ worth for analysis.

Groups & times:

10:30a–Fitz, Elizabeth, Daniel, Amanda, Brad

10:55a–Matt, Monica, Rina, Natasha, Katelyn





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