In-Class Activity: Genre Analysis

With your team, take a look at some examples of your particular genre with fresh eyes. Discuss the following questions.

  1. What’s your genre, and more importantly, what are the features (linguistic, rhetorical, organizational, etc.) that typify it? (Be exhaustive!)
  2. What recurring exigences (or exigence + “subexigences,” if you will) led to the development of this genre and its particular features? Or in Dirk’s terms, what kind of “social actions” is it trying to accomplish?
  3. Dirk says location can alter a genre. Any ideas on how the genre before you might change with respect to location?
  4. Which of these features, if any, are more recent adaptations? Speculate five, ten, twenty years down the road…how might this genre evolve in the future?

Genre Team 1: Sanah, Nick, Kristen, Jordan

Genre Team 2: Elizabeth, Monica, Amanda, Katelyn

Genre Team 3: Liz, Daniel, Emily, Fitz

Genre Team 4: Sri, Connor, Matt, Rina

Genre Team 5: Megan, Kelsey, Natasha, Brad


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