Reading Response: Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts”

For this reading response, please respond to BOTH prompts below:

  1. Describe your writing process. When faced with a larger writing project, what’s your typical gameplan? What sequence of actions do you usually go through? (If it helps, create a flowchart or sketch out a diagram that illustrates your writing process. You could take a picture of it and upload it with your blog post.) Even if you don’t have a well-defined or systematic process, discuss what you normally do or don’t do when faced with a larger writing project.
  2. Choose a person who writes for a living. That person could be a novelist, poet, journalist, speechwriter, scriptwriter, or Hallmark Greeting Card creator (500 Days of Summer, anyone?) Research what they’ve had to say about their writing process and how they’re able to make themselves productive. Write a short summary of what you discovered.

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