Vision Statements: Models and Advice

Here is a Word doc with a list of sample Vision Statements from previous ENGL 106 Students as well as some corporate Vision Statements to provide with you some models.

Remember, these statements have a number of features in common:

  1. They’re concise–two to three sentences and no wasted words.
  2. They use present tense verbs.
  3. They identify relevant parties, whether those are groups of people impacted by a problem, responsible for it, or in an advantageous position to help solve it.
  4. Similar to #3, they state their target market, showing which group of people or region of the world where they intend to make their impact, e.g. “…college students in Indiana…,” “…in Tippecanoe County…,” “…in the Dominican Republic…,” etc.
  5. They provide concrete benchmarks for success; that is, they name their standards for judging their own success or failure–observable, measurable criteria which can be pointed to in order to say, “Yes, we did it!” or “No, we’re not quite there yet.”

Happy drafting!


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